Message from our Chair

Our next monthly meeting is on Weds 10th August, look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. Please ensure that you enter the building from the car park rear entrance and book in at the desk.

Please try to remember to wear your name badges so that folks (especially new members) know who you are, if a group leader or committee member, again pleased wear your ID so that others know who they are talking to. I would remind us all (myself included) to either turn off or silence our mobile phones, we had several ringing last month during our guest speakers talk, not nice.

I trust that we are all coping with the very hot weather, whether at home or on holiday, please remember to use plenty of sun block and drink a lot of fluid.

This month’s guest speaker is David Skillen, talking about ‘Gretton Girls and Devils Porridge’ sounds intriguing.
After our coffee break a couple of our group leaders will be telling us about their group’s activities.

If you are a new member, looking for activity groups to join, there is now a list on our website showing which groups have vacancies, or talk to Sue Tedstone our groups’ co-ordinator.

As always, thanks to Steve for preparing and editing our newsletter, we are very lucky, not many u3a’s have monthly newsletters. However, even Steve has to have a holiday, so we are looking for a volunteer to prepare October’s newsletter at the end of September. If you can help, please talk to either myself or Steve.

Melvyn Francis,

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