The never-ending battle against fraudsters continues, we are still plagued with swindlers, fraudsters and scammers who are only too keen to relieve us of our well-earned cash. They also have absolutely no conscience and are more than happy to target the elderly.

Energy Crisis Scam
Due to the extreme increase in energy costs, scammers are exploiting the situation and our desire to cut costs by pretending to offer energy bill refunds to get your bank details and providing access to government grants to help with cost – BEWARE

Fake Energy Bill Rebate Scheme
It’s not taken long for scammers to jump on the back of soaring energy bills. Emails using the logo of the energy regulator Ofgem claim to offer an ‘energy bill rebate scheme’ worth up to £450 per household. The email gives a link to click on which directs you to a fake online portal where victims are urged to share personal and payment details in order to claim their refund. As always do not open the link and give no details

Fake BP Fuel Credit Cards
A scam offering petrol and diesel at reduced cost, all you have to do is purchase a prepaid card to get your discount, just sign up and pay, – too good to be true? Always a scam.

Car Insurance
Getting a quote or quotes online for your car insurance, then just after receiving your quote receiving an email offering to undercut all previous quotes and asking you to supply your bank details and sign up. This is called Ghost Broking.

Never give your bank details to anyone you don’t know or do not trust and never give your bank card PIN number to anyone you don’t trust implicitly. Likewise, your PIN number should never be written down. When drawing cash out of an ATM then always cover your hand as you enter your PIN number.

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