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27th February, 2019, Antalya Turkish Restaurant, Nottingham.
Please choose a starter, main course below. One Course: £8.50 Two Courses: £10.95
Please put the number of the dish and the basic content for each of starters and mains etc when letting me know your choices.


Sauteed Lamb Liver Sauteed lamb liver served with red onions, parsley and sumac 1
Mitite Kofte-Small Cocktail Meatballs Grilled lamb meatballs with herbs 2
Garlic Mushrooms V Mushroom sauteed with chreyy tomatoes, spinach, cream, and garlic 3
Filo Pastry Rolls With Feta V Freshly fried filo pastry rolls filled with feta cheese, parsley, and herbs 4
Sucuk Sote-Sauteed Spicy Sausage Specially prepared spicy beef sausage with herbs cooked with chopped tomatoes with herbs 5
Falafel V Broad beans, chickpeas and vegetable fitter topped with sesame seeds served tahini & fresh coriander sauce dip 6
Grilled Halloumi V Grilled Cyprus cheese 7
Karides Sote- Sauteed Garlic Prawns Sauteed king prawns with confit garlic and fresh tomato sauce 8
Lentil Soup V 9
Feta Salad V 10
Mixed Salad V Onions, peppers,tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions 11
Green Salad V Mixed lettuce, cucumber, parsley, carrot , dressings 12
Mixed Olives V Green and black olives seasoned with oregano, olive oil and lemon, cucumber pickles 13
Garlic Breads V Baked hot garlic breads with butter & herbs 14


Karisik Meze-Cold Meze Platter Humus, Tarama Salad, Tzatziki, Fried Aubergine & Pepper, Tabbouleh, Filo Pastry Rolls, Stuffed Vine Leaves 1
Karisik Sicak Meze-Hot Meze Platter Falafel,Filo Pastry Rolls with Feta, Mitite Kofte, Grilled Halloumi 2
Kuzu Guvec-Lamb Casserole GF Diced lamb cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, aubergines, onion, and garlic served with rice 3
Lamb Musakka Layers of minced lamb, aubergine, potatoes, and tomato saurce & cheese saurce, served with rice 4
Kuzu Shish-Lamb On Skewer GF Marinated fillets of chunky lamb cubes grilled on skewer with rice and salad 5
Grilled Meatball-Izgara Kofte GF Lamb patties kneaded with herbs and grilled on skewer served with rice and salad 6
Seabass Grilled seabass served with mixed vegetables 7
Salmon GF Grilled fillet salmon served with white sauce served with mixed vegetables 8
Vegetable Kebab V Grilled aubergines, courgette, onions, green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms on a bed of fresh tomato sauce served with rice 9
Chichen Penne Penne pasta with diced, chicken, onions, cream, peppers & spinach 10
Chicken Pasta Penne pasta cooked with diced chicken, mix veg , mushroom, tomato sauce, cream, mozzarella cheese. 11
Spaghetti Bolognese Traditional lamb Bolognese with tomato sauce 12
Tuna Pasta Penne pasta cooked with tuna, vegetables, mixed peppers, onions, tomato sauce 13
Penne Arrabbiata Penne pasta cooked with spicy based tomato sauce, mix vegetables, sucuk(spicy garlic sausage) 14
Chicken Wings Grilled marinated chicken wings served with rice & salad 15
Beef Burger Antalya beef burger served with chips & salad 16
Chicken Burger Whole chicken steak burger served with chips & salad 17
Chicken Breast Grilled seasoned, marinated chicken breast served with chips & salad 18
Tavuk Guvec-Chicken Casserole Diced chicken, mix peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom, tomato, cream baked in the oven 19
Prawn Casserole King prawns, mix peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom, tomato, cream baked in the oven 20
Yogurtlu Chicken Shish Grilled marinated chicken skewers, topped with tomato sauce yogurt & drizzled with butter 21
Yogurtlu Lamb Shish Grilled marinated lamb skewers, topped with tomato sauce yogurt & drizzled with butter 22
Yogurtlu Vegetarian V Grilled aubergine, courgette, mushroom, mix peppers, onions topped with tomato sauce yogurt & drizzled with butter 23
Menemen V Egg, onion, tomato, green peppers with black & red ground pepper salt and oregano served with bread 24
Turkish Breakfast Halloumi cheese, sucuk(spicy sausage), fried eggs, honey, yogurt, olives, green salad, cucumber 25
Halloumi Asparagus V Pan fried halloumi cheese, asparagus, spinach, mix vegetables, light sauce,cream 26
Sucuk Asparagus Pan fried sucuk (spicy beef sausage) asparagus, spinach, mix vegetables, light sauce, cream 27


Sütlac-Rice Pudding £3.50 Turkish style rice pudding served with a sprinkle of cinnamon
Turkish Sweet Pastry £3.75 Baklava, Sekerpare, Burma
Kunefe 4.95 Shredded pastry with cheese soaked in sweet sugar based syrup
Emitek Tatlisi £3.75 Dry risk slices soaked in sherbet topped with layer of Muhallebi and creme with a sprinkle of pistachio and seasonal fruit
Muhallebili Kadayif £4.50 Shredded pastry rolled in Muhallebi served with chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of pistachio
Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.00 Three layers of moist, rich, dark, chocolate between lashing of dark chocolate fudge
Vanilla Cheesecake £4.00 A classic New York baked cheesecake with a rich and creamy vanilla topping and a simple biscuit base
Ice Cream £3.75
Why not try a scoop of ice cream for an extra £1.20?

If you have any food or drink allergies or intolerances, please speak to a member of our staff before placing your order.

27th March,2019, And Why Not Cafe Bar (Mansfield)

Classic Mains All 6.95

Chargrilled Gammon & Fresh Pineapple twice cooked hand cut chips & garden peas (gf) Why not add a free range egg? Please add £1
Mr Taylors Steak & Ale Pie your choice of twice cooked hand cut chips or fresh mash, garden peas & rich roast gravy
andwhynot Fisherman’s Pie chunks of cod, prawns & smoked haddock in a creamy parsley sauce & topped with Cheddar mash, served with garden peas
Smoked Bacon & Mushroom Rigatoni bound in a white wine & Cheddar sauce (vo) (gfo)
Golden Crumb Breaded Scampi twice cooked hand cut chips, garden peas & homemade tartare sauce
Lincolnshire Bangers ‘n’ Mash served with garden peas, our rich roast gravy & topped with real ale battered onion rings
Homemade Beef Chilli with steamed basmati rice & nachos (gfo) (vegan option)
The House Burger handmade beef burger, upon a brioche bun with vine tomato & mayo, served with properly seasoned skinny fries (vo) (gfo)
Sweet Chilli Noodle Stir Fry peppers, mushrooms, beansprouts & Chinese cabbage stir fried in sweet chilli sauce, served with egg noodles (v) Why not add a fresh chicken breast for 3.50? Homemade Beef Lasagne with dressed rocket & your choice of twice cooked hand cut chips or garlic bread Why not upgrade to sweet potato fries? Just add 1.00
Wood Fired Mini Pizzas! All served with properly seasoned fries & house slaw
Classic Margherita 5.95 sun blushed tomatoes, Italian mozzarella, rocket, extra virgin olive oil & rocket (v)
Simply Pepperoni 6.50 Napoli picante pepperoni, andwhynot tomato base, Italian mozzarella & roast garlic oil
The Mini Hawaiian 6.50 roast ham, grilled pineapple, andwhynot tomato base, Italian mozzarella & extra virgin olive oil
The Garlic Mushroom 6.50 garlic field mushrooms, caramelised red onions, andwhynot tomato base, Italian mozzarella & oregano

Devine Desserts All Desserts £5.95

Homemade Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough toffee ice cream & dark chocolate sauce
Sticky Toffee Pudding creamy custard & vanilla Ice creme
The Tuckshop Freakshake fresh strawberries, strawberry & vanilla ice cream, topped with marshmallows, popping candy, jelly sweets, freshly whipped cream & iced doughnut (£1 supplement)
Baked New York Vanilla Cheesecake mixed berry compote & vanilla ice cream
Caramelised Lemon Tart raspberry ripple ice cream
andwhynot Tiramisu the traditional Italian trifle

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