Hucknall Flight Test Museum – The Flying Bedstead

Two members of the Hucknall and District U3A namely Russell Carr and George Wyatt are also members of The Hucknall Flight Test Museum (HUFTM) and were part of the team who have built a half size model of the ‘THE FLYING BEDSTEAD.’

The Rolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig (TMR)/Flying bedstead was first used in 1954 at Rolls-Royce Hucknall to test the concept of vertical takeoff aircraft.

The follow on from the success of the tests was the development of the iconic vertical takeoff Harrier ‘jump jet’ aircraft.

The model which stands at the entrance to The Hucknall Flying High Academy was presented to the school at their official opening in January 2020.

Russell Carr

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