History Group Resumes in New Year

There is NO History Group meeting in December. On January 20th 2016 it is an ‘in house’ meeting. Members have been requested to choose a person from history research their lives and tell others what they have discovered. It does not have to be royalty or aristocracy but could be a doctor, actor, author, inventor, soldier, explorer, etc.
Again looking forward – think about Friday March 11th when there is another get together at Buxton with the Peak District U3A Network. John Titford has been booked for the afternoon to talk about British Accents and Dialects. John is a well known author who has written many books including ‘Ey Up Mi Duck’ and writes regularly for Family Tree Magazine. Those who heard him at the Buxton conference 2 years ago will remember how well he speaks. Updates later.
Maureen Newton

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