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Our visit to St. Mary’s Church in Nottingham on 16 May will begin at 1.30. Meet at the Church – it’s not too far from the tram stop!
Those members taking part in the visit to Laxton on 20 June should have paid their deposit. The balance of £15.00 should be paid to Jane Pavier at the Leisure Centre Meeting on 9 May (the full amount if you have not paid your deposit). This covers the coach for a whole day out, with coffee on arrival, lunch and tea, a tour of the farm and the village.
On 18th April, 37 members of the History Group braved the weather to visit Southwell for a guided tour of the Minster. We had a video show, telling us about the Minster, those who work there, different functions that take place and a general history of the Minster.

We split into two groups and the guides gave us an informative tour. We learnt about the different architectural styles starting with the Saxons then on to the Normans.  We saw damage that Oliver Cromwell’s army did when they camped in the Minster during the Civil War and looked for Mousemans ‘mice’ on the wooden carving. Under old pews is a visible section of Roman floor, now covered with glass.  The pews were called ‘bread pews’ because the poor of the parish lined up there to collect bread during the winter months.
The Chapter House has beautiful stone carvings of leaves, animals, Green Men and even a carving of one of the masons.  The masons were said to have been inspired by the trees in Sherwood Forest.  The most stunning sight was the Christus Rex painted in gold that is suspended above you with his arms stretched out.
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and are so lucky to have such a beautiful building in our Shire.

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