Science Group – Bletchley Park

The Science Group visited Bletchley Park on the 30th April. The day proved quite eventful. Instead of the usual rain it turned out to be very hot and sunny. On arrival we were met by our Guide for the day, Maurice Tyler, who informed us that a very inportant visitor was expected (he would not say who it was) and that that part of our visit had been rearranged. The Mansion was out of bounds for security reasons. We were,of course, very disappointed as the Mansion was very much part of the visit the Bletchley. However, thanks to the Speaker of the House of Commons, The Prime Minister David Cameron cancelled his visit to Bletchley. We were very relieved as we were then able to view the Mansion (and very fine it was too).

Our visit was extremely interesting as we saw the spectacular 1940s computer and learned about the famous codebreakers and how they managed to crack the codes sent by the Enigma machine and used by the German High Command and the forces under their control. There is no doubt that the 9,000 people working at Bletchley shortened the second World War by a few years; no mean achievement. The machinery used during the War at Bletchley was incredible and which led to the development of the modern computers, which we use today. In addition other displays included a Toy and Memorabilia Museum, the National Museum of Computing, the Diplomatic Wireless Service, The Model Railway Musuem and a rare collection relating to the life and work of Alan Turing and his collaboration with fellow Codebreaker Max Newman.
To sum up I would say the Science Group had a thought provoking day and one which they will never forget. See the gallery for more photographs.

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