Group Leaders’ Get Together

On Friday 6th October, 2023 our u3a hosted a thank-you get together and buffet at the John Godber Centre. Invited were all those that volunteer to lead or run our Interest Groups, Committee, Social Sub Committee, Newsletter and provide our refreshments.

Many of our members hold several of these roles and our u3a wouldn’t function without them. 43 people came along and enjoyed a cold buffet, provided by Pierre’s of Linby.

We then held a question and answer session, which was a chance to ask the Committee any burning questions.

We finished by discussing three imaginary interest group scenarios, in small groups. Lots of ideas were created as a result of this.

Overall, the collective view was that all members of a group can be included in decision making and should help the group leader where possible. To keep generating new ideas for the group is not an easy task. A new group can be supported initially by the Committee, but the aim is for them to become self-funding.

It was a good reminder that all our group leaders in the u3a are volunteers and they need our support.  I’m sure that you will agree with me that all of our volunteers do a great job!

Sue Tedstone (Groups’ Coordinator)

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