I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas, in whatever way you celebrated. We opted out of a family gathering, so spent it quietly at home, thankful for Facetime enabling us to see and chat safely to our loved ones, and admire all the gifts our grandchildren received. I imagine a few of us did the same thing.

There was a little interaction over the festive season though. Thanks to Rose (really, many thanks, Rose) the choir were able to present our usual floral token of thanks to our accompanist and musical director, Margaret. I had been concerned as to how we may manage it this year (I’m going nowhere, so felt reluctant about asking it of someone else) but Rose agreed right away, and to taking a photo’ to mark the event, and you can see from the super photo’ she provided that we were, as usual, able to express our thanks with flowers. Thank you for all your efforts, Margaret.

All good wishes for a happy and peaceful 2021.’

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