A Taste of Formula 1 for the Not So Grumpies

Forget Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, the Not so Grumpy Old Men had a taste of Formula 1 at The Racing Room Scalextric Track in Nottingham for their October Meeting.

With eighteen drivers whose racing names included Piston Broke; Big End; Senna(Pod) Saunders; Necky Lauda; Looney Hamilton; Vroom G; Ray de Ator; Big Bird and our Chairman choosing Barmy Barrie, you get a feel for the level of competition.

After a practice session when we all decided which was the best car it came as a shock when the race controller advised that to avoid any arguments we each have a turn with all the cars and all the lanes until we had a top six (much to the disgust of Mark Jackson driving Ray de Ator).

After much skulduggery during the preliminary laps, when cars mysteriously left the track, skill shone through and the winner was declared. Senna Pod Saunders driven by John Saunders narrowly came first, closely followed by Big Bird driven by Ian Raynor, and third by an even closer margin came Big End driven by John Berrill.

After the presentation ceremony when the respective Gold, Silver & Bronze medals were presented, and the playing of National Anthem and Flag Raising, we all went to the post-race celebration meal at the Roebuck when the gongs were proudly processed around the room to much applause.

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