u3a Outdoor Activities

On Saturday, 21st May, 2022 Hucknall and District u3a took part in a Rotary Club activity on Hucknall Market Place, open from 10am to 3pm.

Over twenty local activity groups took part and it was very well attended by the Hucknall public.
Quite a few folk took an interest in our display, we had several interested in joining, and one guy actually signed up and paid his enrolment fees.

Unfortunately, our similar event on Saturday, 18th June, on Titchfield Park to mark 100 years since it’s opening, organised by Ashfield Council didn’t go ahead, due to several problems with the council not acknowledging our entry form, not sending an invoice and then finally after much chasing, only a couple of days prior to the event, requesting insurance details, risk assessments, car details etc., all that should have been requested weeks before. A decision was therefore made not to attend. Thanks for those organising and who offered to help.

As it happens Saturday was very wet.


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