Short Walk Group

Fourteen members took part in our walk this month. The route was researched and led by Greg Umney who was well prepared with his anti viral spray gun and jumbo sized bottle of hand sanitiser.

The walk was an undulating 4 miles from Blidworth on footpaths heading towards Ravenshead from where we turned into the woods down to Friar Tuck’s Well before making a loop back to our starting point. The route included lots of kissing gates which received a liberal dose of spray from Greg’s gun before we went through them. En route we also met a large number of friendly horses who made a bee line for Roy Brown who was generously offering to feed them mints.

Now the bad news: the whole of Nottinghamshire is now in Tier 3. Unfortunately the limitations this imposes mean, that for now, the walks are suspended. We have future walks planned and they will restart as soon as we can.

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