September Scams

Fake Currys email giveaway
New phishing emails impersonating the well-known electrical retailer Currys offer you the chance to win a free Smeg kettle. The email contains a dodgy link leading to a website where you’re asked to complete a survey about your shopping habits and pay a delivery fee to receive the ‘free’ kettle. Obviously this leads to you giving bank details to pay for the delivery charge.

Fake energy refund emails circulating again
We sent out a warning about this in May, but it’s back and doing the rounds. With the energy price cap announcement, please be cautious of any energy emails appearing in your inbox. The government help with your fuel costs will be taken off your bill by your energy supplier over six months discounts. Winter fuel allowances will be paid in the same way as always.

Think Five
If you get any cold calls or emails, always take five seconds, just to think, can this be true, sounds too good? Then usually it is.

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