September Scam News

September Scam News

What to do if you’re the victim of a bank transfer scam (APP)
An APP is an ‘authorised push payment’ scam, also known as a bank transfer scam. It occurs when you –knowingly or unknowingly –transfer money from your own bank account to one belonging to a scammer.

For example, a scammer pretends to be from your bank’s fraud team and warns you that you need to move your money to a safe account but it’s actually an account the fraudster controls. If you have been tricked into transferring money to the account of someone you don’t know, you might have been the victim of what is known as authorised push payment (APP) fraud.

Take action:
Contact your bank immediately

If you think you’ve been scammed, you should call your bank or card provider immediately. Tell the bank what happened, and let them know the bank account number your money was sent to. Your bank might be able to either stop the transaction from going ahead or recover your money from the fraudster’s account. But speed is of the essence for this, so it’s important to let your bank know as soon as it happens.

Also: Contact the bank where your money was sent
You should also contact the bank where your money was sent and let it know the account number as it may be able to halt the money and get it back for you.

A current local Council Tax Phone Scam –an example of an APP
Local residents have been warned after reports that fraudsters have been targeting people with a council tax phone scam. People living in the area have reported receiving a phone call purporting to be from Ashfield or Gedling Council claiming they were due a council tax rebate. The fraudsters then attempt to get bank details from the victim, saying the information is needed to pay the rebate.

Following increasing reports, the councils have issued a warning to residents. They said: “We’ve been made aware of a council tax phone scam taking place, including recently in the local area. We’re asking residents to take care if anyone contacts you to discuss your council tax, especially if they are offering a substantial refund and asking for bank details. Our officers may occasionally contact residents directly to discuss their accounts and offer refunds, but if you have any doubt, about who you are speaking to, take their name and call our switchboard number
Gedling Council: 0115 901 3901 Ashfield Council : 01623 450 000
and speak to the council tax department.”

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