September 2021 – Scams

Telephone Text Scams – Why text scams are so prevalent

According to a recent survey, three in five of us have received a fake text claiming to be from a delivery company in the past year. The reason why text messages are frequently used by scammers is because sending them doesn’t rely on an internet connection, like a WhatsApp message does, and they don’t have to pass a spam filter like an email. Texts are also less likely to be missed, and many legitimate organisations use a text message to contact customers.

How to protect yourself from text scams
-Don’t follow any links
The most effective way to avoid text scams is to ignore links. Clicking on links could lead you to download malware and malicious software.
– Don’t share personal information
Treat all messages requesting sensitive information with suspicion. Legitimate organisations will never text you to ask for your personal or banking details.
-Contact the organisation directly
If you’re unsure, contact the company that claims to have sent it. Use the official contact details listed on their website.
– Don’t reply
Replying to a fake text, calling the number or clicking suspicious links only lets scammers know your number is being used.
-Report it
You can report fake texts by forwarding the message to 7726, which is a free reporting service provided by phone operators. This information is then shared with police and intelligence agencies.

David Rose

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