Science Group One

As expected the lock down has placed serious constraints upon the activites of Science Group One. We are not alone in this respect and all groups have suffered as a result of the current restrictions. However we have had to reinvent ourselves and have looked at various methods of continuing meeting up and to discuss scientific developments and other similar matters. We have had to innovate, adapt and change the way we work together, to see each other and keep our shared interests going. It is also helpful in maintaining a sense of purpose and ensuring our health and well being.

With this in mind the Group recently held a Zoom meeting at which 11 members were able to join and participate fully, although we had to set ground rules to ensure that all members were able to gain benefit from the experience. The consensus after the meeting was that it proved to be a popular experiment and well worth doing again.

Our next meeting has been scheduled for the 28th May, 2020 where we hope to introduce document sharing, Powerpoint presentations and hopefully YouTube. You can be assured that there have been a series of trial meetings of a small group of members to ensure that the actual meetings run smoothly. We are all learning and we have made some mistakes but that is part of the learning experience. Zoom is not as difficult as it may seem and over the next few weeks I hope to persuade a few more of our members to have a go.

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