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The June 16th meeting was led by John Tedstone ably supported by Terry Hill. 28 members ventured out on a very warm day.

John’s topical presentation about the current state of our water supplies and the rise in pollution of waterways and the sea due to untreated discharges led to some lively discussions.

Shades of ‘Mrs Merton’s heated debate with participants putting forward a case for or against what the water companies should or should not be doing even if it wasn’t their personal belief.

Discharging into the Trent

Our trip to Magna has been cancelled so we will meet at the John Godber Centre on Friday 21st July 10am to 11.30 this month

We have a change of room as the main hall is in use – We will be in The Bailey Room (downstairs)

We have a guest speaker- Mr Ian Allen

 Ian is a local expert, photographer and data collector of dragonflies and damselflies which are beautiful, graceful flying wetland creatures, belonging to the Odonata order of insects. They’re incredibly ancient, and date back to prehistoric times when giant versions the size of eagles roamed the skies. We will learn more on the 21st

We will take a summer break in August and reconvene on Friday September 15th at 10.0am JGC.

David Rose

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