Science Group 2 Learn about Transplants

We met on Friday 17th September and were privileged to learn about organ transplants and the donor system from guest Janet Tilford.
Janet presented a personal and informative talk about her own liver transplant. She emphasised how lucky she was to receive a donated liver after she suddenly contracted a very rare condition.
Access the donor register online at:
After the break we had an opportunity to examine the liver, lungs, heart, oesophagus and trachea from a pig. The organs of a pig are very similar to ours and according to Dr Hannibal Lecter the liver is best accompanied by a glass of Chianti!
Check out the amazing job that your liver does for all of us.
Next Month
Friday October 21st at The John Godber Centre 10am to 11.50 am
‘Scientific investigations, observations and explanations’

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