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This month we continued our theme of ‘How we produce our electricity’.
There was a presentation with an integral small group activity followed by a discussion of how both Nuclear Power and Biofuels are used to create the heat energy necessary to activate the steam turbines to drive the generators to produce our alternating current.

Small Group Activity and Discussion

Small Group Activity and Discussion

The advantages and disadvantages of each were compared and an experiment to create Carbon Dioxide was carried out by each group. This is the gas produced whenever any fossil fuel is completely burned to produce heat energy.
The carbon dioxide was produced from the reaction between the carbonate compound in a denture cleaning tablet and water. It was done inside an empty tablet tube with a tight fitting lid which flew off due to the pressure built up inside the tube when the gas was produced. Some groups experienced more success than others.
Towards the end of the session individual or paired tasks were allocated to be ready for mini presentations followed by discussions on topics related to food science at our next meeting which is: Friday 19th March 10am to 12noon The Studio John Godber Centre
The theme is food science including aspects of a balanced diet, food preservation and notable food scientists.
David Rose

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