Science Group 2 get 'Hands on'!

Following a short summer break our September activity was a visit to the birthplace and family home of Sir Isaac Newton, Woolsthorpe Manor, which is near Grantham.
This followed on from the July meeting which was about his life, work and discoveries that laid the foundation of modern physics.

Outside Woolsthorpe Manor

Outside Woolsthorpe Manor House

21 members took part on a warm sunny day where we enjoyed seeing the famous apple tree in the grounds before sitting down to short introductory talk about the Manor and the scientific activities available to us.
Newton's famous apple tree

Newton’s famous apple tree

Many members also took advantage of an additional talk called ‘Who invented the telescope?’ (answers on a postcard please…)
This was well paced and very interesting covering facts about both the scientists and astronomers who invented and developed both lens and reflecting (mirrors) telescopes and how they evolved and improved over time.
The significance here is that Newton devised the reflecting telescope which on a much larger scale is the one still in use today.
Original instruments on Newton's desk

Original instruments on Newton’s desk

Handwritten documents and glass prism - Newton original

Handwritten documents and glass prism – Newton original

In true U3A tradition following the visit we enjoyed a quality lunch in the ‘White Lion’ pub in the nearby village of Colsterworth. Both the ‘White Lion’ and Woolsthorpe Manor which is a National Trust property are well worth a visit. Many thanks to John Berrill and his glamorous assistants for organising the day.
Next Meeting: Friday 16th October, 10am to 12am, John Godber Centre
2 Guest speakers
10 to 10.30 ‘Small particles the Universe and everything’ Mr Terry Hill
10.30 to 12.00 ‘ Science and Music’ Mr Derek Wileman

If any member has a musical instrument please bring it along to this meeting.
Please note our group now has 38 members and there will be a limit of 40.
David Rose

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