Science Group 2

At our meeting on the 15th March, Paul Brett and Harry Harve, who are conducting post-graduate research at Nottingham University, both gave presentations on their current work.

Paul is an expert on microorganisms especially the different families of living things which are fungi. He took us through the whole taxonomy of fungi families in a clear, structured, way leading to the group he is currently working on. He surprised many of us as he explained how the research, for example, may lead to a strain of fungi which is more efficient at producing Quorn, a type of protein-rich food made from an edible fungus and used as a meat substitute. As he observed, the made up word Quorn sounds better than grown from a ‘fungus’

Harry followed with a presentation of his current research on soils. He explained what soil is, what it contains and how as a member of the team funded by The Soil Research Council they hope to learn more about maximising crop production in a range of environments.

The April meeting is cancelled as it falls on Good Friday.

The next meeting is 17 May 2019

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