At our March meeting we had a presentation about the different types of defibrillators and how they work. When the John Godber Centre model arrives we will have a demonstration of how to use it in practice.

Bob McEwen then enlightened us with his interesting illustrated talk about flies. He explained that flies are insects of the order Diptera, the name being derived from the Greek for two and wings.

Bob explained that Diptera is a large order containing millions of species including horse-flies, crane flies, hoverflies and many others. Although they themselves are usually considered to be annoying pests he explained how they actually help to control a variety of pests. Many dipterans such as bee flies and hoverflies are also important pollinators of crop plants. Other types are scavengers and aid in the decomposition of dead animals and plants.

After the break we had a presentation about weather predicting and the different types of rainfall. Members then selected the name of famous and often unsung women scientists to report back with a max 2 minute summary at a future meeting.

Please note the next meeting is Friday, May 20th, as April 15th is Good Friday.

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