At our February meeting David Vincent, ably assisted by Christine, presented a very interesting Part 2 of the ‘Greening of Nottinghamshire’

He described the early planning stages and then went on to explain how the many coal spoil heaps in the county were transformed into the country parks and in some cases farmland that we enjoy today.

In addition to the spoil heaps there were miles of interconnecting railway lines, many of which are now walking and cycling trails.

You may recognise Linby Colliery

March Meeting Friday 15th 10.00 am JGC

Terry Hill will be telling the tale of ‘The Unlucky 7’ scientists who came to a premature end.

I will be introducing an environmental theme starting with the location of rainforests and their climate plus exploring the significance of the different layers of the rainforest.

Finally there will be a briefing about the April visit to Oxford.

David Rose

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