To accommodate the pantomime at John Godber Centre, we met a week early on the 12th January and we continued the photography theme.

Firstly we looked at an early method of producing a photographic image called Cyanotype.

All members of the group attending in February will be carrying out this process to make their own.  Here’s one I made earlier…..

Following on from this John Tedstone gave a presentation about a Victorian photographic pioneer named Julia Margaret Cameron who was one of the most important figures in early photography.  She lived at Dimbola, on the Isle of Wight, in the 1860s. The photographs she created remain among the most famous images of many Victorian celebrities.

Finally we had a ‘slide show’ about Oxford and the science museums as a prelude to our visit on April 19th.

February Meeting: Friday 16th.

a) A practical session to make a cyanotype image

b) Part 2 of David Vincent’s presentations about ‘The Greening of Nottinghamshire’

David Rose

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