Science 2 – Programme

Programme September to December 2019

September 20th
Group member Alan Ratcliffe did an interesting presentation around ‘the perception gap’ of how different groups of people perceived and understood things such as resources available , resources used , income, life expectancy, population and education across the globe. This led to a lively discussion. Thank you Alan

October 18th
As I am away John Tedstone has kindly agreed to lead the meeting.
Guest speaker Terry Hill (apparently with a little help from Brian Cox) will bring us up to date with The Big Bang Theory

It would be appreciated if some members could come prepared to give a short (5 min) talk on any science based topic or news item they come across this month.

November 15th
Paul Brett PhD BBSRC DTP Fungal Biotechnology from the School of Life Sciences at Nottingham University returns with 2 PhD research students who will talk about the world of antibiotic resistance and alternative therapies which include a predatory bacterium called bdellovibrio which preys on disease-causing bacteria.

The second speaker will talk about a type of organism similar to bacteria but which lives in extreme environments. Both post-graduates work within the Medical School.

December 20th
Only five days to Christmas Day and our session will be around ‘The Science of Christmas’ (and we will forgo the biscuits for some low calorie seasonal treats…)

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