Science 2

At our November meeting we were privileged to hear from two Post Doctoral and one Post Graduate researcher from the School of Life Sciences at Nottingham University.

There was a presentation from two members of a team doing research into friendly bacteria that feed on disease-causing ones, many of which are becoming resistant to our range of antibiotics. Using the friendly bacteria to combat disease and infection in humans is a target for this team.

The other presentation was about research into a very specific sub-group of microorganisms that thrive in extremes of temperature, salinity and at high levels of methane (natural gas). One strand of this is looking at how they might be used to break down plastics in landfill sites.

December 20th Meeting

A sideways look at science with a seasonal element with:
Presentations involving team work from:-
Christine Vincent and Alan Ratcliffe
and another double act from John Tedstone and David Rose.
As ever, the team with the most points wins a desirable prize…

February 14th, 2020 (10.30 to 12.30/1pm)

A visit to the Horological Museum at Upton has been booked.
The cost is £10.00 for a talk and a guided visit. No deposit required as the money is payable on the day.

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