At the September meeting we welcomed Isabel (Izzy) Ely a postgraduate researcher at the Nottingham University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Centre ofMetabolism, Ageing & Physiology (COMAP).

This is part of theAcademic Unit of Injury, Recovery & Inflammation Sciences School of Medicine who are based at Royal Derby Hospital.

She outlined the current research into the effect of ageing on our muscular system. Generally as we get older we exercise less and invariably eat less protein.

These factors can lead to muscular atrophy (wasting) and her research is looking at the effect of an amino acid supplement in reversing and slowing down this process with a focus on the older generation.

Next MeetingFriday October 20th 10.00am to 11.45 am

Part 1: ‘The Greening of the Nottinghamshire Coalfields’ by David Vincent

From his own personal and professional involvement David will explain why and how this came about.

Part 2: An introduction to the science and development of photography – DR

David Rose

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