This month we considered the life and work of Leohnard Euler.

Born in Switzerland he was a brilliant mathematician, physicist, astronomer, logician, engineer, and music theorist.

He is considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians that ever lived.

He wrote a definitive book on teaching Maths and he believed any man or woman can have perfect numeracy.

An activity followed which involved the solving of some algebra problems with varying degrees of success.

It was good to see the group having a go putting to use dormant maths skills learnt in the past.

We finished with a short video about the re-wilding of wolves in Yellowstone USA.

Friday, April 21st 2023 meeting

We return to the theme of sustainability with a focus on the fashion/clothing industry.

Is it possible for manufacturers to produce high quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing?

How does reusing and recycling material help to reduce the negative impact of cheap throwaway garments?

More information will be sent to group members before the meeting.

David Rose

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