Our theme for the September meeting was based around energy. The question being could we in the United Kingdom (where we are well endowed with wind, wave, and tidal resources) live on our own renewable forms of energy? It is generally agreed that there is a need to move away from unsustainable fossil fuels by generating more power from renewable sources. One currently untapped potential resource is harnessing the power of the tides at the Severn estuary by building the Severn Barrage.

Member, John Tedstone, presented the history and background of numerous proposed projects over the years, initially to provide a safe harbour and more recently to generate electricity.

The group was split into four teams, two to discuss reasons why the barrage should be built and two to give reasons to oppose it. This led to some lively discussion followed by feedback presented by a spokesperson from each team.

At the end a vote was taken which was unanimously in favour of building the barrage providing that the environmental impact especially on migratory and overwintering birds was addressed.

Next Meeting: Friday 21st October 10.00 am to 11.45 am, John Godber Centre, Portland Room.

As we cover many aspects of science this time Bob McKewen will be telling us about ‘Animal Design’ and from me ‘Animals saved from the brink of extinction’.

David Rose

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