Police Scam

It is someone phoning up and pretending to be a police officer and telling the person that they have caught someone who had a lot of money on them. They then go on to say that they believe that the person they have phoned has been subject to a fraud.  They are very convincing, giving out their police number and giving them a crime number etc. and then get their bank details.

PayPal ‘money request’ email scam

Scammers are exploiting PayPal’s ‘request money’ feature to scare customers into calling dodgy phone numbers and giving away their personal data.   

This scam involves fraudsters sending fake emails requesting payments for high-value items, or posing as HMRC to demand ‘overdue’ tax payments. If you call the number in the email, you’ll be ringing a scammer phishing for your personal information.

Microsoft impersonation scam 

Scammers are impersonating Microsoft in dodgy emails telling recipients they must update their Hotmail password. 

If you click the link in this email, you’ll ultimately be asked to enter your email address and password on a website that uses fake Hotmail branding. And if you enter your details, you’ll be giving scammers access to your emails. 


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