Real Ale

Visit to The Pit, Micro Pub, Newstead – Thursday, 24th November, 2022.

Meeting at Hucknall Train Station at 6.30 pm, six of us purchased our tickets from the vending machine to travel to the distant lands of Newstead, one stop and all of a 5-minute journey, all in time to catch the 18.42 train. Just as the last ticket was purchased, and with two minutes to go, the timetable screen announces that our train had been cancelled.

As you can imagine widespread panic sets in until some wise old sage suggests that we go to The Station Hotel for a ‘quicky’ whilst waiting for the next train. This we proceeded to do and sampled one of Lincoln Green’s finest.

Doubling back to the station we caught the 19.42 and had a very (short) successful journey, alighting at Newstead and walking the 5 minutes to The Pit sampling of the three real ales on offer, ranging from 4.3% up to a heady 6.6%, all very nice.

Then someone looked at the EMR website and discovered that the returning 22.27 train was also cancelled. Whilst we had planned to return to Hucknall on the 22.27 train, we decided not to risk any further cancellations and caught the earlier 21.27 which was still running, feeling a little disappointed. Having no other choice, we had no option but to make our way to Wetherspoons on the high street for a last beverage.

Once again, a very enjoyable day, with pleasant company, thanks to all.

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