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Because the Library is closed we have not been able to pick up a set book to read during May so I took the decision to suggest we all choose a biography which we might already have on our shelf and perhaps read before and would like to read again or just recommend to our fellow members. I will report on these in our June Reading Group notes which I will send out to members at the beginning of June.

We discussed our favourite poetry in April and the poems suggested varied widely in style and content, ranging from A. E. Houseman’s “A Shropshire Lad”, Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shallot” to Pam Ayres “The Crackly Packet” amongst many favourites. The following VE Day poem written by Danny Kilkullen seemed appropriate for VE Day.

Remembering VE Day 8th May 1945
75 years since the gun fire was out on mute,
No more blood spilt through battle and brute.
75 years since the agreement of surrender,
A lifetime ago but one we will always remember.
75 years since the parties began down every street,
A nation united celebrating the Nazi defeat.
75 years since the war in Europe had come to an end,
A joyous moment for all the world’s family and friend.
75 years since May 8th 1945,
Being thankful & remembering those who sacrificed their lives.
75 years since the days turned brighter,
Winston Churchill paying tribute to each brave British fighter.
75 years since red, white and blue filled each and every town.
A young princess Elizabeth danced with the people, our heir to the crown.
75 years since many turned to God, to thank him for this day,
Soldiers would begin returning after some many years away.
75 years on, Grandads still tell you their stories of war,
You can listen to it every week and it never becomes a bore.
75 years on, we stand together in another worrying time,
But as the past has taught us, the sun will once again shine.

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