Pub Quiz with Lunch

The Pub Quiz took place on the 14th August when 22 of us met at The Nabb Inn.  All are welcome – we prefer a maximum of four to a team where possible as we can always add a person to another team if you would like to attend but haven’t got a team of your own.  Sometimes the quiz is easy and occasionally it is very hard, but the idea is to have a bit of fun and to socialise whilst enjoying a lunch.

The next Pub Lunch Quiz will be on Monday, 11th September at 12 noon.  Please note I shall be retiring as Pub Quizmaster after the December Quiz and we have  decided that each team will take it in turn to organise a month. The quizzes etc for that year are all in a folder ready to go so it just means turning up, reading out the questions and answers and taking the £1 entry fee.  It would be a pity if the Pub Quiz Group folded as those attending enjoy not just the quiz but the lunch and good company.

And here are the answers to the August quiz;

1. What type of trees do dates grow on? Palm trees

2. The country of Lesotho is completely surrounded by which other country? South Africa

3. In the nursery rhyme, whose wife “could eat no lean”? Jack Sprat’s

4. By land area, which is the largest state in the USA? Alaska

5. According to an old proverb, what “gathers no moss”? A rolling stone

6. Which type of cycle has only one wheel? A unicycle

7. The nickname Geordie is often given to a person from which large city? Newcastle (a Geordie is a person from the Tyneside area, which includes Newcastle)

8. What is the name of the rubber disc hit in a ice hockey match? A puck

9. Which Sea separates the islands of Ireland and Great Britain? Irish Sea

10. Which queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe famously led an uprising against the occupying Romans? Boudica

11. What was the name of the large balloons anchored to the ground by cables in London during the Second World War? Barrage balloons (which served as an obstacle to low-flying enemy aircraft)

12. Bill Gates was the principal founder of which computer company? Microsoft

13. How many sides does a decagon have? 10

14. The first expedition to reach the South Pole was led by which Norwegian explorer? Roald Amundsen

15. If your hobby is philately, what do you collect? Stamps

16. Adolf Hitler was born in which country? Austria

17. Hollywood is a suburb of which American city? Los Angeles

18. Haematology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study of what? Blood

19. What type of animal are you ‘sick as’, if you are heart-broken or very disappointed? Parrot (as in sick as a parrot)

20. What do Americans call Autumn?  The Fall

And here is the September quiz:

  1. Someone who designs dance moves.                                                
  2. He makes and fits shoes for horses.                                                   
  3. A medical professional who collects and tests blood.                     
  4. A professional wine waiter.                                                                 
  5. Front of house at a restaurant.                                                           
  6. A head chef’s second in command.                                                    
  7. A brain surgeon.                                                                                                   
  8. Which stage musical tells the story of an Argentinian dictator’s wife? 
  9. Who sang with UB40 for their 1985 hit, ‘I Got You Babe’?                      
  10. Which horror film used Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ as its theme?               
  11. Who played the title role in the 50s/60s TV show, ‘Dr Kildare’? 
  12. Who was the Prince of Denmark?                                                                                   
  13. What was the name of the spaceship in Blakes 7?                                                       
  14. What is the children’s game, Noughts and Crosses, called in the USA?
  15. What two names are given to a group of swans on the ground, beginning with B?   
  16. Which of the sciences is regarded as the oldest?                                                         
  17. Born on 5 May 1818, who was known as the father of communism?               
  18. Which word can go after PUPPY and before LETTER to make new words?
  19. Which animal’s English name means earthpig in Afrikaans?                       
  20. What name is given to the chalk rocks situated in the Solent, just off the Isle of Wight?                
  21. Which book features a pub called ‘The Admiral Benbow’?                          
  22. In which year did Jesse Owens become the first black athlete win 4 gold medals at the Olympic Games?
  23. The Whitsunday Islands are located off the coast of which country?                            
  24. Which artist’s studio was known as the Factory?                                          
  25. What is the lightest of all the elements and has the atomic number 1?         
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