Pub Quiz & Lunch

We’re starting a new group called Pub Quiz plus lunch to run either the 2nd or 3rd Friday every two months. A trial run will be held at the Green Dragon pub, Hucknall, on Friday 11th October, arrival from 12:15pm, the quiz to start at 12:45pm and will finish at 2:30pm. The format will be teams of 3 to 6 members (depending on the numbers attending) to answer 30 or so questions made up of 6 topics of 5 questions to include General Knowledge, Sports, Music, Current Affairs, History and Science & Technology. If some of you fancy your chances, you can play a Joker on a topic, but you must get ALL the questions right on that section to get DOUBLE points, if not, that team forfeits their points for that section. Also, a paper with 10 pictures with the heading “What or Who is This?” will be given out to each team.
A platter, to share, of sandwiches will be available for all at a cost £ 3.50 per person for the quiz and lunch. If you are ordering your own food then it will be £1.50 for just the quiz. A prize of a tin of chocolates or a tin of biscuits will be given to the winning team.
All those interested should put their names and whether or not food is required on the Pub Quiz board in the Information room at September’s meeting. So come on you Brains of Britain, give it a whirl. Bob Pike Coordinator and quiz master. Contact via website or at September meeting.

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