Pub Quiz and Lunch

The Pub Quiz took place on the 15th May when just 16 of us met at The Nabb Inn.  As all four teams got nearly everything correct, they all received their subs back!  All are welcome – we prefer a maximum of four to a team where possible as we can always add a person to another team if you would like to attend but haven’t got a team of your own. Sometimes the quiz is easy and occasionally it is very hard, but the idea is to have a bit of fun and to socialise whilst enjoying a lunch.

PLEASE NOTE:  The next Pub Lunch Quiz will be back to our usual second Monday of the month ie., 12th June at 12 noon.

And here are the answers to the May quiz:

1. Which material would you associate with Nottingham?  Lace

2. Which annual event is held in Nottingham?     The Goose Fair

3. Which famous writer is from Nottinghamshire?  D.H Lawrence

4. Which colour would you traditionally associate with Nottingham?  Green – Most things in Nottingham are painted green. The lampposts are green, all the fences and gates are green and some buses are green. Green is also the colour of Robin Hood.

5. Which 2003 England football international comes from Nottingham?      Jermaine Jena

6. Which famous bank has its headquarters in Nottingham?  Capital One

7.Who once said that “Nottingham is a county just there to fill the spaces up”?   Jeremy Clarkson

8.Which British game show was filmed at the Carlton Studios in Nottingham?     Family Fortunes

9. Name of the major new Art Gallery opened on November 14th 2009    Nottingham Contemporary

10.During which war was Nottingham Castle razed to prevent its use?    English Civil War

11.The Ducal Palace that was built to replace Nottingham Castle was set on fire by residents of Nottingham in protest against the Duke of Newcastle’s opposition to what?     The Reform Act.

12.What is the Motto of Nottingham?    Vivit Post Funera Virtus / Virtue Outlives Death

13.Nottingham had the first Children’s Library. When did it open?  1882

14.Which bell hangs below the dome of Nottingham’s Council House, weighs 10.5 tonnes? Little John Bell

15.Nottingham is twinned with which German town?      Karlsruhe

16.William Booth was born in Nottingham in 1829. What did he found?      Salvation Army

17.The National Ice Centre in Nottingham is home to which Ice Hockey Team?  Nottingham Panthers

18.Nottingham had the first two miles of wooden rail tracks in 1604. What were they connecting?   Strelley and Wollaton coal mines

19.Where did George Green, the mathematician and physicist famously live?  Green’s Windmill

20.What has been housed in Bromley House on Angel Row since 1822?     Nottingham Subscription Library

And here is the June Easy Trivia quiz:

1. What type of trees do dates grow on?

2. The country of Lesotho is completely surrounded by which other country?

3. In the nursery rhyme, whose wife “could eat no lean”?

4. By land area, which is the largest state in the USA?

5. According to an old proverb, what “gathers no moss”?

6. Which type of cycle has only one wheel?

7. The nickname Geordie is often given to a person from which large city?

8. What is the name of the rubber disc hit in a ice hockey match?

9. Which sea separates the islands of Ireland and Great Britain?

10. Which queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe famously led an uprising against the occupying Romans?

11. What was the name of the large balloons anchored to the ground by cables in London during the Second World War?

12. Bill Gates was the principal founder of which computer company?

13. How many sides does a decagon have?

14. The first expedition to reach the South Pole was led by which Norwegian explorer?

15. If your hobby is philately, what do you collect?

16. Adolf Hitler was born in which country?

17. Hollywood is a suburb of which American city?

18. Haematology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study of what?

19. What type of animal are you ‘sick as’, if you are heart-broken or very disappointed?

20. What do Americans call Autumn?

21. Name the only American president to resign from office?

22. Which gas is balloon gas, which is used to fill party balloons that float in the air?

23. What year did the Titanic sink in the Atlantic Ocean on 15 April, on its maiden voyage from Southampton?

24. What is the title of the first ever Carry On film made and released in 1958?

25. What is the name of the biggest technology company in South Korea?

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