Pub Quiz and lunch

The Monday, 14th March Pub Quiz was well supported with 28 members attempting a quite difficult quiz which was won by The Dynamic Duo – Greg Umney and Angela Cornish.

Here are the answers to the March newsletter quiz.

1. Who rode his ‘Funky Moped’ to No 5 in the UK charts in 1975? Jasper Carrott
2. What are the surnames of the 3 tenors? (1 point for each) Pavarotti, Domingo, Carrera
3. Who wrote and illustrated the children’s book, ‘The Snowman’? Raymond Briggs
4. What was the name of A.A. Milnes’ son? Christopher Robin
5. Who was the captain of ‘The Black Pig’? Captain Pugwash
6. What nationality was the magician and escapologist, Harry Houdini? American
7. Which month in 1969 did Neil Armstrong first stand on the moon? July
8. Which explorer discovered the Hawaiian Islands? Captain Cook
9. In which modern country are the ruins of Troy? Turkey
10. What TV series was set on Craggy Island? Father Ted
11. Which river runs through Baghdad? Tigris
12. On what street in London would you find The Bank of England? Threadneedle St.
13. The A1 road starts in London and finishes in which city? Edinburgh
14. What food would a Cockney be eating if he is going for a ruby? Curry (Ruby Murray)
15. What is the colour of the black box on commercial aircraft? Orange
16. How many old pennies were there in a guinea? 252
17. In which film did Raquel Welch appear in a fur bikini as a cave girl? One Million Years BC
18. What were the first two words in the film title where David Bowie plays Mr Lawrence? Merry Christmas
19. What is the motto of the boy scouts? Be Prepared
20. What is the highest bid, without doubling, in the game of bridge? 7 No Trump
21. In a game of bowls, what name is given to the target ball? Jack
22. Which team won the 2017 FA Cup? Arsenal
23. Which sport is said to have been played for over 3,000 years? Hurling
24. What is Japan’s national sport? Sumo
25. What is an ice hockey puck made of? Vulcanised rubber

And I thought those members who did not attend the March Pub Quiz might like to give that one a try.

1. Which stringed musical instrument shares its name with a cooking utensil?
2. One of the bestselling pop singles of all time was a number one hit from 1967 based on Bach’s Suite No. 3 in D Major. What was the anaemic sounding song title of this hit?
3. Which famous 1960 black and white horror film was the first to show a flushing toilet?
4. Written in the 9th century, the lyrics to the national anthem of which country are the oldest in the world? a. Japan b. Turkey c. Mongolia d. China
5. Which seven letter word for a type of argument is also a collective noun for sparrows?
6. Which eight letter word for a type of argument is also a collective noun for seagulls?
7. Dacca (Dhaka) was the capital city of what between the years 1955 and 1971?
8. The name of which widely used aromatic herb stems from the Greek word for “royal”?
9. The following lyrics are from a song with the word ‘Peace’ somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song?. “Everybody’s talking about ministers sinisters banisters and canisters”
10. What was the most popular name for a girl in the United States from 1880-1956?
11. Which one of the Titanic’s sister ships sank in the Aegean Sea on the morning of the 21 November 1916?
12. In The Wizard Of Oz, Glinda is known as The Good Witch of what?
a. the North b. the East c. the South d. the West
13. The prefix for a billionth lends its name to which new science?
14. The sun doesn’t rise until after 10 am in the far western parts of which large country?
15. Which two animals are found on the flag of Mexico?
16. Measured in area, which of the following seas is the smallest?
a. Black Sea b. Red Sea c. White Sea d. Yellow Sea
17. What name was given to a female broadcaster of Japanese propaganda during WW II?
18. Which piece of culinary equipment with a French name is often used to melt chocolate over the stove?
19. The following lyric is from a song with the name “John” somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? “Somebody said he came from New Orleans where he got into a fight over a Cajun queen”.
20. The 1,849 km long Angara river is located in which country?
21. In a hit song from 1970, which title character makes “me sing like a guitar hummin'”?
22. Duchess, Merrylegs, Ginger, Farmer Grey, Squire Gordon and Farmer Thoroughgood are all characters in which famous 19th century novel?
23. Based on the number of registrations, what is the most popular breed of dog in both the UK and the USA?
24. In which country, which gained its independence in July 2011, is Juba the capital city?
25. According to the UN, which country now has the highest per capita homicide rate in the world?
a. El Salvador b. Mexico c. South Africa d. Honduras

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