Pub Quiz and Lunch

We postponed our Pub Quiz visit for January but the next one will be on Monday, 14th February, 2022 at The Nabb Inn at 12 noon.

Here are the answers to the January quiz.

According to an old wives’ tale, bread baked on which day will never go mouldy? Christmas Eve
Which beloved, quiet little man passed away on Christmas Day 1977? Charlie Chaplin
In which European country does a kindly witch named La Befana deliver children’s Christmas presents? Italy
What are the first 2 lines of the Christmas song ‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow’? Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful
In an old nursery rhyme, who “sat in the corner eating his Christmas pie”? Little Jack Horner
Which former Hollywood child star once said “I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked me for my autograph.” Shirley Temple
What kind of ‘bread’ is traditional at German Christmas markets? Gingerbread (Lebkuchen)
Which chart-topping Christmas song from Bony M was originally recorded by Harry Belafonte in 1956? Mary’s Boy Child
The communist dictatorship of which European country came to a bloody end on Christmas Day 1989? Romania
Which critically acclaimed film about King Henry II takes place over the Christmas holidays in the year 1183? The Lion In Winter
The name Santa Claus evolved from Sinter Klass, a nickname for Saint Nicholas. What language is Sinter Klaas? Dutch
Plus or minus 3 years, in which year did Barbie first appear under the Christmas tree? 1959
What did Harry Potter get as a Christmas present during his first semester at Hogwarts? Invisibility cloak
Where does the Danish version of Santa Claus live throughout the year? Greenland
Which US ‘First Lady’ wrote the book ‘Christmas 1940’? Eleanor Roosevelt
In which country is Santa Claus known as ‘Julemanden’? Denmark
The name of which toy, popular since Christmas 1929, translated means “come-come” or “come-back”? Yo-yo
The words “God and sinners reconciled” are from which Christmas carol? Hark The Herald Angels Sing
The name for which traditional festive season accessory is derived from the Anglo-Saxon words for “dung on a twig”? Mistletoe
Which mind boggling and very frustrating device, named after its inventor, was one of the best-selling Christmas gifts of 1980? Rubik’s Cube
US President and staunch conservationist Theodore Roosevelt banned what in the White House? Christmas trees
Which electronic device in an egg-shaped container was the best-selling Christmas toy for children and adults alike in the year 1997? Tamagotchi
Although she was secretly expecting a necklace, what does the disappointed wife played by Emma Thompson in the film ‘Love Actually’ get from her husband for Christmas? A Joni Mitchell CD
Which Christmas carol was sung by soldiers on both sides of the trenches during the Christmas Eve ceasefire of 1914? Silent Night

And the February Quiz is as follows:

1, Which tennis player was stabbed by a spectator in 1993?
2. In which co2untry did the Flying Doctor Service originate?
3. Which Absolutely Fabulous star is the voice of Ginger in the film “Chicken Run”?
4. What was the name of Dick Turpin’s horse?
5. What is the largest city in the state of Washington?
6. What name is given to a line on a map joining places of equal atmospheric pressure?
7. What is the capital of Croatia?
8. Cocker spaniels were originally to hunt which birds?
9. What is the capital of New York State?
10.Which cruel sport was prohibited by Parliament in 1835?
11.Who wrote the children’s novel “Little Lord Fauntleroy”?
12.What is the oldest order of Knighthood still in existence in Britain?
13.Which British chemist formulated the law of partial pressures in gases?
14. How many events are there in the modern pentathlon?
15.Which nocturnal beetle emits a greenish light from organs on its abdomen?
16.What sort of creature is an addax?
17.What is the first day of Lent?
18.Of which European country is Piraeus the chief port?
19.Which major naval battle was fought on October 21st 1805?
20.Of which metal is bauxite the chief ore?

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