Pub Quiz and Lunch

Our first Pub Quiz in twenty months was on 8th November 2021 when once again 26 of us met at the newly refurbished Nabb Inn; then on 13th December we will have our Christmas Pub Quiz. Seating is limited to 32 members so please let me know if you would like to attend.

Just to remind you, on arrival please make a note of your table number then order your lunch/drinks at the bar. However it’s not necessary to have a lunch if you don’t wish to eat. We start with a short table puzzle, then on to the main quiz. After lunch we get the answers! We usually have a small free raffle for which prizes would be gratefully received. There is a charge of £1 per head, the total of which (less expenses) is divided between the winning team and the runners up.

Here are the answers to the November quiz.

1.The price of amber increased tenfold after the release of which 1993 film? Jurassic Park
2.In literature; Pemberley, Tara and Manderley are all examples of what? Estates (Pemberley is the estate in ‘Pride and Prejudice’, Tara ‘Gone With the Wind’, Manderley ‘Rebecca’)
3.Influenced by the Latin word for “iron”, what is the name of the metal sleeve on a pencil that holds the eraser in place? Ferrule
4.What did the members of the early 20th century movement or school known as ‘Fauvism’ do for a living? Painters (artists)
5.Which Mr. and Mrs. live at number 4 Privet Drive? Mr. and Mrs. Dursley (Harry Potter)
6.Which 1975 pop song is the biggest selling palindromic song title ever? (3 letters) S.O.S. (ABBA)
7.What is the name of the Nike corporate trademark? Swoosh
8.What are the two most populated cities in Sweden? Two answers. Stockholm and Gothenburg
9. The first year since 1987 in which there are no what? No repeating digits 2013
10.What is the largest land mammal in South America? Baird’s Tapir
11.Lisbeth Salander is the unusual heroine in which 2011 film? The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
12.What is the official national fruit in each of the following countries? One point for each correct answer. a. India – Mango b. Mexico – Avocado c. Jamaica – Ackee
13.Which kind of dance style is mentioned in the Queen song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’? Fandango (“Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the fandango?”)
14.Which fictional Mr. had the rare blood type T-negative? Spock
15.What is the only absolute monarchy in Africa? Kingdom of Eswatini

And here’s your December Quiz –

1.Which form of clean ‘transport’ do Norwegians hide away somewhere in the house on Christmas
2.Who wrote each of the following words?
a. “It was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge”
b. “Maybe Christmas” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store”
3.What kind of animal delivers gifts at Christmas in Syria?
4.On which three feast ‘days’ do Americans consume the most food?
5.Plus or minus one year, when did Queen Elizebeth II deliver her first ‘ televised Christmas message to the nation’?
6.In which European country do malicious creatures called Kallikantzaroi get up to mischief around Christmas?
7.Which percentage of Americans don’t celebrate Christmas at all?
a. 4% b. 10% c. 18%
8.Who composed the music for the festive season ballet ‘The Nutcracker’?
9.Plus or minus one year, how long does it take a Scotch Pine Christmas tree to reach a typical retail height of 6 to 7 feet?
10.Which two figures deliver gifts in Russia during the festive season?

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