Pub Quiz

It has been nearly a year (March 9th) since the Pub Quiz Group last met; doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? (Not!) Thanks once again to David Rose who keeps us supplied with excellent quizzes on line. Here’s your Pub Quiz for February after the answers to last month’s Quiz:

SECTION ONE – Name the profession from the description given.
1. Someone who designs dance moves. Choreographer
2. He makes and fits shoes for horses. Farrier (A Blacksmith only makes shoes, does NOT fit them)
3. A medical professional who collects and tests blood. Phlebotomist
4. A professional wine waiter. Sommelier
5. Front of house at a restaurant. Maitre D’
6. A head chef’s second in command. Sous chef
7. A brain surgeon. Neurologist

8. Which stage musical tells the story of an Argentinian dictator’s wife? Evita
9. Who sang with UB40 for their 1985 hit, ‘I Got You Babe’? Chrissie Hinds
10. Which horror film used Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ as its theme? Exorcist
11. Who played the title role in the 50s/60s TV show, ‘Dr Kildare’? Richard Chamberlain
12. Who was the Prince of Denmark? Hamlet
13. What was the name of the spaceship in Blakes 7? Liberator

14. What is the children’s game, Noughts and Crosses, called in the USA? Tic Tac Toe
15. What two names are given to a group of swans on the ground, beginning with B?
(A ballet is swans in flight) Bevy or Bank
16. Which of the sciences is regarded as the oldest? Astronomy
17. Born on 5 May 1818, who was known as the father of communism? Karl Marx
18. Which word can go after PUPPY and before LETTER to make new words? LOVE
19. Which animal’s English name means earthpig in Afrikaans? Aardvark
20. Name of chalk rocks situated in the Solent, off the Isle of Wight? The Needles
21. Which book features a pub called ‘The Admiral Benbow’? Treasure Island
22. Which year did Jesse Owens become the first black athlete to win 4 Olympic gold medals! 1936
23. The Whitsunday Islands are located off the coast of which country? Australia
24. Which artist’s studio was known as the Factory? Andy Warhol
25. What is the lightest of all the elements and has the atomic number 1? Hydrogen


1. Cinnamon comes from which part of the tree?
2. A White Lady cocktail consists of which main alcohol ingredient?
3. Brassica Rapa is the Latin name for which vegetable?
4. In Japan what type of drink is Matcha?
5. What flavour is the liqueur Triple Sec?
6. What is another term for Vitamin C?
7. Plaintain is the cooking variety of which fruit?

8. Macaws, long tailed colourful parrots, consist of how many species?
9. Traditionally Mozzarella cheese was made from which animal’s milk?
10. Sharing its name with a percussion instrument, which relative of the antelope, native to Africa, has white vertical stripes on its body?
11. The French clothing company “Lacoste” features which type of animal in its logo?
12. The Roadrunner is a member of which bird family?
13. The world’s largest frog and beetle are both name after which biblical character?

14. How many stars feature on the flag of New Zealand?
15. What is the most fractured human bone?
16. What is the most famous university of Paris?
17. What animal is on the golden Flemish flag?
18. What is the name of the Indian holy river?
19. What is the Kabbalah?
20. What is the meaning of the Arab word Habibi?
21. What does the abbreviation GPS mean?
22. What is the most spoken language in the world?
23. What does the abbreviation SMS mean?
24. What is another word for wall painting or mural?

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