Pub Quiz

Thanks once again to David Rose who keeps us supplied with excellent quizzes on line.

The answers to last month’s Pub Quiz questions were as follows:

1. Which Rat Pack member died on Christmas Day 1995 aged 78? – Dean Martin
2. What were the names of the 3 wise men? (1 point for each) – Melchior, Gaspar, Balthazar
3. Which Dr Seuss character lives near Whoville and tries to steal Christmas? – The Grinch
4. Father Christmas, Santa Claus, there are many names for the jolly fellow all over the world, but what is he called in Germany? – Kriss Kringle
5. Who was King of Judaea at the time of Jesus’ birth? – Herod
6. Who directed ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ starring Jimmy Stewart? – Frank Capra
7. What is the surname of the family in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? – Cratchit
8. Who invented the Christmas cracker and when? – Tom Smith 1845
9. On what date does the Feast of Stephen fall? – Dec 26th
10. Which country’s parliament abolished Christmas in 1640 and only re-instated it as a public holiday in 1958? – Scotland
11. Which Bruce Willis film is based around a Christmas Eve office party that it is hijacked by terrorists? – Die Hard
12. What is the name of the traditional Italian Christmas cake? – Pannetonne
13. By the end of which date should all Christmas decorations be removed so as to not bring bad luck upon the house? – January 6th or Twelfth Night
14. What is the star sign of a person born on 25th December? – Capricorn
15. 26th December is known as Boxing Day and which saint’s day? – St. Stephen’s Day
16. True or False – if you add together all the gifts in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas you get 363 gifts. – False – 364
17. The German song, ‘Oh Tannenbaum’ is about what object? – Fir or Christmas Tree
18. In which Christmas song do ‘Treetops glisten and children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow’?-White Christmas
19. What number of pipers piping are there in the 12 days of Christmas? – Eleven
20. What instrument do Greek children play when singing the traditional Kalanda songs? – Triangle
21. Clement Moore wrote the poem ‘A Visit From St Nicholas’, but it is better known by its first line. What is it? – Twas the night before Christmas
22. The song Mary’s Boy Child reached No 1 twice in the UK charts – name both acts who performed it? – Harry Belafonte in 1957 and Boney M. in 1978
23. What is the greatest selling Christmas single of all time? – White Christmas Bing Crosby
24. Who wrote the book “The Snowman”? – Raymond Briggs

And to start off the New Year here’s your General Knowledge Pub Quiz questions:

SECTION ONE – Name the profession from the description given.

1. Someone who designs dance moves.
2. He makes and fits shoes for horses.
3. A medical professional who collects and tests blood.
4. A professional wine waiter.
5. Front of house at a restaurant.
6. A head chef’s second in command.
7. A brain surgeon.

SECTION TWO – Entertainment

8. Which stage musical tells the story of an Argentinian dictator’s wife?
9. Who sang with UB40 for their 1985 hit, ‘I Got You Babe’?
10. Which horror film used Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ as its theme?
11. Who played the title role in the 50s/60s TV show, ‘Dr Kildare’?
12. Who was the Prince of Denmark?
13. What was the name of the spaceship in Blakes 7?


14. What is the children’s game, Noughts and Crosses, called in the USA?
15. What two names are given to a group of swans on the ground, beginning with B?
16. Which of the sciences is regarded as the oldest?
17. Born on 5 May 1818, who was known as the father of communism?
18. Which word can go after PUPPY and before LETTER to make new words?
19. Which animal’s English name means earthpig in Afrikaans?
20. What name is given to the chalk rocks situated in the Solent, just off the Isle of Wight?
21. Which book features a pub called ‘The Admiral Benbow’?
22. In which year did Jesse Owens become the first black athlete to win 4 gold medals at the Olympic Games?
23. The Whitsunday Islands are located off the coast of which country?
24. Which artist’s studio was known as the Factory?
25. What is the lightest of all the elements and has the atomic number 1?

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