Pub Quiz

PUB QUIZ – Thanks again to David Rose who keeps us supplied with a good quiz on line each month. The answers to last month’s Dingbat puzzle was as follows:-

1. OK by me
2. Hot under the collar
3. Oliver Twist
4. Holy Water
5. High income tax bracket
6. High explosive
7. Headless horseman
8. Half baked
9. H20
10. Out of sight, out of mind
11. Long John Silver
12 Making a monkey out of him

And for a change why not give this brain taxing puzzle a try?

MARRY NO OILMEN (7,6) (actress)
HOMBURG THERAPY (8,6) (actor)
TEN ELITE BRAINS (6,8) (physicist)
A COOL ROMP (5,4) (explorer)
ADMONISH TOES (6,6) (inventor)
SILVERY SLEEP (5,7) (singer/actor)
ART CHEF HID CLOCK (6,9) (director)
A WALTZ OR FUN GAMES GO MAD (8,7,6) (composer)
EXTERNAL HATE RAGED (9,3,5) (conqueror)
CASUAL JURIES (6,6) (emperor)
PUBLIC SO MUCH SHORTER (11,8) (explorer)
PEARL COAT (9) (queen)
LOCATED MENU (6,5) (painter)
ERA LOST IT (9) (Greek philosopher)
HERO GETS IN WAGGON (6,10) (former US president)
LIKE A WEE SHRIMP ALAS (7,11) (playwright)

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