Pub Quiz

The December Pub Quiz was attended by 22 members. The January Pub Quiz will be on the second Monday, 9th January at 12 noon at The Nabb Inn. All are welcome – we can always add another person to a team if you would like to attend but haven’t got a team of your own.

And here are the answers to the December Christmas themed quiz:
H What do the Scots call Christmas? Hogmanay
A What’s the name of the period leading up to Christmas? Advent
P What do we get fed up of sweeping up at Christmas? Pine needles
P Another name for Christmas Pudding? Plum Pudding
Y Where mistletoe grows? Yew tree
C Traditional Christmas songs? Carols
H Another name for frost on the grass? Hoar frost
R And another name for frost hanging from the trees? Rime
I What is the other name for the holly plant? Ilex
S What some of us look forward to on January 1st Sales
T We decorate the tree with this? Tinsel
M Another name for the Three Kings? Magi
A An ingredient for Egg Nog? Advocaat
S Traditional ingredient in the Christmas Pudding? Sixpence
F Where traditionally we hang our stockings? Fireplace
R In which city is eel the traditional Christmas Eve meal? Rome
O Which city always donates a Christmas tree to Britain annually? Oslo
M A subject of one of the 12 Days of Christmas: Maids a milking
S Another name for Christmas angels? Seraphim
A Where we could hang baubles on this Christmas animal? Antlers
N “God Jul” means Merry Christmas in which language? Norwegian
D Another subject of one of the 12 Days of Christmas? Drummers
R First name of author of “The Snowman”? Raymond Briggs
A Who started the custom of “wassailing”? Anglo Saxons

And just to get your brains re-started after the Christmas break, here is your January quiz.
1. How many legs did ‘The Famous Five’ have between them?
2. Which black bearded captain is Tintin’s friend?
3. Which actress played Cleopatra when Rex Harrison played Julias Caesar?
4. What is the surname of the Welsh footballer who was sold to Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 for a record €100 million?
5. Who sits on The Wool Sack in the UK’s House of Lords?
6. Which Richard played Chris Kringle in the 1994 remake of ‘A miracle on 34th St’?
7. The nuclear reactor at Sellafield is in which UK county?
8. What is the highest mountain in Africa?
9. Who painted the ‘Mona Lisa’?
10. Which US city has a baseball team called ‘The Braves’?
11. From which city does radio DJ Alan Partridge come from?
12. Louise Brown, born in 1978, was the first ever what?
13. Disneyland Paris was known as what when it first opened?
14. Who was the last English monarch to die in battle?
15. In what year did Red Rum win its first Grand National?
In which COUNTRY would you find the following famous landmarks:-
16. The Acropolis
17. Potala Palace
18. The Petronas twin towers
19. Brandenburg Gate
20. Angel Falls
21.Statue of Christ the Redeemer
22. Belvedere Palace
23. Angkor Wat
24 Konark Sun Temple (aka The Black Pagoda)
25 Petra

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