Pub Quiz

The September Pub Quiz was attended by 25 members. The next Pub Quiz will be on Monday, 10th October at The Nabb Inn at 12 noon. All welcome – we can always add another person to a team if you would like to attend but haven’t got a team of your own.

Here are the answers to the September newsletter quiz:
1 A large, powerful horse used to pull heavy loads – Dray or draft horse
2 Source of a dark blue dye from a tropical plant of the pea family – Indigo
3 2,025.37183 yds in what? Nautical mile
4 Another name for dyspepsia – Indigestion
5 Fourth largest planet in the Solar System – Neptune
6 A type of rich, strong-flavoured Italian cheese with bluish-green veins – Gorgonzola
7 A plant of the figwort family, with showy two-lipped flowers – Antirrhinum
8 Former province of South Africa – Transvaal
9 What is a testudo graeca? – Tortoise
10 One of the principal characters of the Italian commedia dell’arte – Harlequin
11 Mountain conquered on May 29, 1953 – Everest
12 Yellow-flowered plant of the daisy family that is a common weed of grazing land – Ragwort
13 Charles Dickens’s second novel – Oliver Twist
14 A British female singer regarded as a household name in late-1950s – Yana
15 Another name for Granny’s Bonnet plant – Aquilegia
16 Another name for the Mona Lisa – La Gioconda
17 Where is The Bodleian Library? Oxford
18 In which country is the monument Cristo de las Sierras? – Argentina
19 The largest and most popular city of Pakistan – Karachi

And the October quiz is as follows:
1. Which American dramatist wrote The Crucible?
2. By what name is nacre popularly know?
3. What name is given to a stand or support for pans before or on a fire?
4. Which British naval explorer landed at Botany Bay in 1770?
5. What sort of creature is a Gila monster?
6. Of which organ is the medulla oblongata a part?
7. What sort of creature is a trogon?
8. Which motoring organisation agreed to pay £20 million after it was caught plagiarizing Ordnance Survey maps?
9. What name is given to a Hindu of the highest caste?
10. With whom did Queen collaborate on the 1981 UK hit “Under Pressure”?
11. In which New York City street are the majority of the leading theatres situated?
12. Which King of England was nicknamed The Lionheart?
13. In which English county is the port of Plymouth situated?
14. Which element used in atomic bombs is represented by the symbol Pu?
15. With which musical instrument is the Russian born musician Isaac Stern associated?
16. Which British civil engineer if best known for his construction of the suspension bridge over the Menai Strait?
17. Which silvery white semiconductor is represented by the symbol Te?
18. In which European country can the Arlberg Pass be found?
19. What is the longest nerve in the body?
20. Who succeeded his grandfather Edward III as King of England?
21. What is measured using the Beaufort Scale?
22. Who played Hyacinth in the sitcom Keeping Up Appearances?
23. Which rock n roll legend had a top ten hit in 1964 with No Particular Place To Go?
24. Who starred in the title role of Crocodile Dundee?
25. In Greek mythology who was the goddess of love and beauty?

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