Pub Quiz

The Monday, 11th July, Pub Quiz was attended by 21 members and was won by Team 3 Plus 1.

The next Pub Quiz will be on Monday, 8th August at The Nabb Inn at 12 noon. All welcome – we can always add another person to a team if you would like to attend but haven’t got a team of your own.

Here are the answers to the July quiz,
1. What is the name of the Greek dip consisting of yoghurt and cucumber? Tzatziki
2. In Indian cooking, what is a Tandoori? A cylindrical clay oven
3. What is a mocha? Coffee made up of espresso and hot chocolate milk.
4. In the UK it is sweetcorn, but what cereal grain is it a variety of? A variety of maize
5. Enchiladas originated in which country? Mexico
6. In French cooking, what does ‘en Croute’ mean? Encased in a pastry shell
7. What are the two main ingredients in a bellini cocktail? Pureed white peaches and Prosecco
8. The beer brand ‘Old Speckled Hen’ was acquired by which brewery in 2000? Greene King
9. Which fast food company used the advertising slogan “I’m Lovin’ it”? McDonalds
10. What is unusual about the tomato-based soup known as Gazpacho? It is a cold soup
11. What body of water separates Saudia Arabia from Africa? Red Sea
12. Catalonia is a region of what country? Spain
13. What is the largest island is the Caribbean Sea? Cuba
14. What are the five boroughs of New York City? Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx & Staten Island.
15. Which country has the longest coastline in the world? Canada
16. In what mountain range is Mount Everest located? Great Himalayan Range
17. In which English county is the town of Stevenage? Hertfordshire
18. Sofia is the capital of which country? Bulgaria
19. What are the three official languages of Belgium? Dutch, French, and German
20. In which city is the Vatican City? Rome

And the August quiz is as follows:
1. The title of which popular 1898 Italian song, often played by ice cream vans, means “my sunshine” when translated?
2. Animals that are classified as arboreal have adapted to life in which environment?
3. Translated, which Japanese martial art means “sword path” or “way of the sword”?
4. The following is the opening line from which 1991 Hollywood film? “Three billion human lives ended on August 29, 1997.”
5. Which small shark with an unusual bite is named after a baking implement?
6. In 2006, who became the first player ever to be sent off in a UEFA Champions League final?
7. With 85 m, the world’s shortest land border is shared between the Spanish territory Penon de Velez de la Gomera and which other country?
8. The name of which famous automobile manufacturer means ‘blacksmith’ when translated?
9. Which European country abolished its monarchy on June 1, 1973? a. Albania b. Italy c. Greece d. Portugal
10. Constantinople and Moscow excluded, what were the five most populated European cities in the year 1700? One point for each correct answer.
11. What is the commonly used French word for scampi?
12. Which company, headquartered in The Hague, is usually found in the worldwide top 10 in terms of revenue?
13. In biology, which taxonomic category lies between Kingdom and Class?
14. What was the first song by The Beatles to use backwards vocals? (One word)
15. Name the film in which Dustin Hoffmann plays a character married to a character played by Meryl Streep?
16. What is the name of the whale with the distinctive unicorn like spiral tusk?
17. Gregor Samsa does not recognise himself in which famous novella?
18. Located in Chile and Peru, what is the name of the desert which is considered to be the driest place on Earth?

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