Pub Quiz

We are looking forward to 8th November when once again our Pub Quiz re-starts; it will be interesting to see the refurbishment of the Nabb Inn. Then on 13th December we will have our Christmas Pub Quiz. Seating is limited to 32 members so please let me know if you would like to attend.

Just to remind you, on arrival please make a note of your table number then order your lunch/drinks at the bar. However it’s not necessary to have a lunch if you don’t wish to eat. We start with a short table puzzle, then on to the main quiz. After lunch we get the answers! We usually have a small free raffle for which prizes would be gratefully received. There is a charge of £1 per head, the total of which (less expenses) is divided between the winning team and the runners up.

Here are the answers to the October quiz.

1. Which very wise and enchanting fictional character’s name is the Old English for any insect that flies with a loud humming noise? Dumbledore
2. What is the most eastern E.U. capital city and what is the most western E.U. capital city? Nicosia (Cyprus) and Lisbon (Portugal)
3. What kind of heavenly marriage is ‘Hierogamy’? A marriage between a god and a goddess
4. There was literally peace on Earth at 06:00 UTC, March 23, 2001. Explain. The MIR space station hit the Pacific Ocean. MIR means ‘peace’ or ‘world’
5. The four Beatles we all know, George, Paul, John and Ringo were all born in Liverpool. The other two, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best were not. In fact, both were born outside of England. In which country was Stuart Sutcliffe born and Pete Best born? Two answers
a. Scotland (Edinburgh) b. India (Madras)
7. Which six letter word describes both a rupture and the leap out of the water made by a whale? Breach
8. What are the first four words to both the original and classic Hippocratic Oath?
I swear by Apollo”
9. The following lyrics about money are from which song? “Always sunny in a rich man’s world” Money Money Money (ABBA)
10. The title of which extremely popular film is the Hindu word for a god or goddess that comes to earth? Avatar
11. Fruit flies were the first animals to do what in 1947? Go into space
12. What was the name of the doctrine, jokingly coined by Mikhail Gorbachev in October 1989 as his Soviet Union ‘faced the final curtain’, that was seen internationally as Moscow giving permission to its allies to decide their own futures? The Sinatra Doctrine (The name alluded to the Frank Sinatra song “My Way” – the Soviet Union was allowing these nations to go their own way)
13. Who wrote books under the pen name Eric Arthur Blair? George Orwell
14. What do the following places have in common? San Marino, Colombia, Bolivia, the Philippines, Israel, El Salvador and Bermuda? All named after people: San Marino (Saint Marinus), Colombia (Christopher Columbus), Bolivia (Simón Bolívar), the Philippines (Philip II of Spain), Israel (Jacob, alternate name), El Salvador (“The Saviour”, Jesus) and Bermuda (Juan de Bermúdez)
15. Which dated word meaning ‘nonsense’ stems from a combination of the Dutch word for doll and an old English word for excrement? (Nine letters) Poppycock. Pop is Dutch for doll, Cack is old English for excrement

And here’s your November Quiz –

1.The price of amber increased tenfold after the release of which 1993 film?
2.In literature; Pemberley, Tara and Manderley are all examples of what?
3.Influenced by the Latin word for “iron”, what is the name of the metal sleeve on a pencil that holds the eraser in place?
4.What did the members of the early 20th century movement or school known as ‘Fauvism’ do for a living?
5.Which Mr. and Mrs. live at number 4 Privet Drive?
6.Which 1975 pop song is the biggest selling palindromic song title ever? (3 letters)
7.What is the name of the Nike corporate trademark?
8.What are the two most populated cities in Sweden?
9.2013 the first year since 1987 in which there are no what?
10.What is the largest land mammal in South America?
a. Hoffman’s Two-toed Sloth b. Jaguar c. Screaming Hairy Armadillo d. Baird’s Tapir
11.Lisbeth Salander is the unusual heroine in which 2011 film?
12.What is the official national fruit in each of the following countries? One point for each correct answer.
a. India b. Mexico c. Jamaica
13.Which kind of dance style is mentioned in the Queen song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?
14.Which fictional Mr. had the rare blood type T-negative?
15.What is the only absolute monarchy in Africa?

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