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April Pub Quiz – Cryptic Animals Answers

1. Result of a sore throat – Horse
2. A bit of a wrench – Monkey
3. Monty’s soldier Desert – Rat
4. Not colder, I think I hear? – Otter
5. These were filmed in the mist? – Gorilla
6. Hard to hit the ball without one of these? – Bat
7. Tony used to think Frosties where grrrrrreat? – Tiger
8. When their tails up, they can cause quite a stink? – Skunk
9. Troy Tempest used to command one of these? – Stingray
10. Naked – Bear
11. Used to lock up the Urine? – Kiwi
12. A dance where you need to follow? – Conger (eel)
13. A shy fish? – Koi Carp
14. This bird used to be great for Guinness? – Toucan
15. A Roman soldier would die for this standard? – Eagle
16. Not the most sensible thing to put down your trousers? – Ferret
17. Pulled? – Toad
18. Take the red out of this misleading clue – Herring
19. Boy George thought this animal really had Karma! – Chameleon
20. Simples! – Meerkat

And another cryptic clue quiz for May on Flowers & Herbs

1. This flower is one in the eye for the girl?
2. Got Up?
3. Please remember me?
4. Fashionable feline?
5. Cunning animals hand warmer?
6. Bovine Error?
7. Wed Precious Metal?
8. Spring Month?
9. Sad Ringer?
10. Vehicle State?
11. Duration?
12. Bill sounds like a nice fellow?
13. Industrious Queen?
14. Receptacle for dairy product?
15. Used in thickening sauces?
16. Mrs Bucket’s first name?
17. Enclosure in criminal court for prisoner?
18. A nice pad on a lake?
19. A Vicious Welsh emblem?
20. A wise old herb?

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