Project Green Corners

Hello lovely gardeners,

I have had an email from Geoff Cook currently trapped in Spain’s lockdown. He is part of a group project called Green Corners and requests anyone who has time to try growing spare seeds in household waste containers like mushroom trays, grape/tomato/strawberry/fruit trays tins etc. for growing on later in the season and to note which containers produce the best results. I know I have lots of spare packets of flowers from gardening magazines, so will have a try with those.

It would be great if you would like to join in with this project. More news from Spain when I get it! If you would like to participate perhaps you could contact me so I can send on numbers to Geoff, who feels isolated from us all, even if he is in the sun!

Keep healthy and positive,

To contact Anne, the group leader, please use the form below:-

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