Pot Luck Group Detective Walk

This month a group of the Pot Luck members had great fun on a Detective Walk around Nottingham. This was organised by a company called Cryptology which is based on Long Row near The Works. We had a clipboard with clues which guided us around a trail in typical ‘treasure hunt’ fashion. We had to look for clues, work out puzzles and track locations. We stopped half way round the 2.9 mile route for a cup of tea and a breather. The route took us to unfamiliar parts of Nottingham and we learned things about our home city that we had never known before. We would definitely recommend the activity if you want to get together with a few friends for ‘something different’.
This is the second activity some of us have done with Cryptology. We undertook the challenge in January of Cypherdyne, an escape room where you have 60 minutes to solve the clues and avoid catastrophe. We didn’t actually manage the challenge on this occasion and I won’t spoil what happens in case you want to try it. I would recommend this activity if you are technologically minded. We’ve looking forward to ‘The Crypt’ and Egyptian themed escape room too.
If you fancy your chances at the challenges have a word with me and I will explain to you how we managed to negotiate on price.
Sue Spolton

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