October Scams

Fake “Mum and Dad” Scam
A recent scam that has increased by 60% this year relies upon parents wanting to help their children. You receive a text message allegedly from your son or daughter, giving you a new telephone number saying that they have lost their ‘phone and this is their new number. Shortly after comes a request for a smallish loan normally a few hundred pounds to be transferred to their bank as they are running short having bought the new phone. Their bank details are given. Not being a large amount, many are transferring money requested. It is of course a scam. Always check before acting.

British Gas email scam offering a fake energy refund
Scammers are impersonating British Gas with fake emails tempting recipients to click a link to get a fake energy refund. Although the email looks legitimate, it addresses you by your email address and not your name. This is a potential giveaway that it’s from a fraudster.

Think Five
If you get any cold calls or emails, always take five seconds, just to think, can this be true, sounds too good? Then usually is.

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