NSGOM – Croquet

In May, the Not So Grumpies braved the sweltering heat to do battle on the lawns of Nottingham Croquet Club.  

Our gracious hosts, Nicky, Peggy  Martin and Mark, all members of the Club, explained the rules of Croquet, and the alternative games of Croquet Golf and Skittles, following which battle commenced.

Far from the picture of genteel serenity the game of croquet may suggest to the uninitiated, ours was a hard fought strategic engagement between opposing teams who each employed various tactics to block, frustrate and defeat their opponents.  Any rules were often stretched, broken or downright disregarded in the general melee of the afternoon, with only a brief respite as adversaries sought the temporary refuge of the refreshment area.

As the afternoon’s exertions finally came to a close, the overall winning team was Greg Umney, Ian Raynor, John Saunders and Mark Jackson.

We then made our way back to The Loxley in Nottingham for a post-match analysis and well-deserved fortifications before returning home.

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